Hello everyone,

For those who have not seen it, Honda released a video called “Failure – The Secret To Success” and it really nailed it. I am entrepreneur. I have created several businesses even before Tofurious (for those who consider this as a business).

I have failed miserably in many attempts. The best solution is to learn from the mistakes and to push forward. It is easier said than done, I am quite aware of that. We can compare our wounds over coffee if you want.

This is one of Honda’s video production. They have more on their website, but this one is my favorite. You have the option to download it full resolution or to your ipod/iphone, which I already did. In the current state of our economy, it is likely that one will lose hope or fail in a business. Just stick together and we will be fine. And I will do my best to provide digital solutions to make life easier 🙂

Link: http://dreams.honda.com/videos/failure-the-secret-to-success/


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Lawrence Chan

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