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touchscreen photo booth software

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I apologize for the delay for the photo booth software. The peeps at Made By Simple were extremely busy with other projects. In any event, the software is ready! NO OTHER software out there – to my knowledge – has touchscreen and live view features!

For those who did not attend WPPI, we have a short clip taken by Aaron Dieppa and sample images that show how it works.

It is so easy to operate, even a child can use it. Our buddy – Shaun Austin – is planning to make a commercial clip showcasing his beautiful daughter who is four years old using the software with breeze.

Photo Booth Installation Instructions

Made By Simple made this handy PDF guide for installation – VIEW

All of the system requirements and details can be found on their website.

Photo Booth Features

  • Live View: See a live video view before your picture is taken
  • Multiple layout and image effects to choose from
  • Ability to save images in your preferred format (.png or .jpg) for both the custom photo card and original large sized photos
  • Customizable titles or insert your own logo: Brand the photos with your own message or logo
  • Designed for touchscreens for ease of use

photo booth software

photo booth software

Photo Booth Business

For the features this software does, it is super cheap! You can make a DIY (do it yourself) photo booth or get one through us in the future. In the meantime, all you need is an HP all-in-one touch coupled with a printer.

Just FYI, other companies charge $6000+ and you do not get to own the booth. You also have to buy proprietary paper and ink from them, which means you always have to contact them for refills. With this, you can use ANY printer and ANY paper.

If you were to charge each event $1500 for four hours for unlimited prints, you can probably net around $1200. Basically, you can pay off everything in less than three weddings. I won’t do the math for you — you’re smart enough to do that if you have your own business πŸ™‚

Do not email me with concerns or questions lest I will harpoon you. Made By Simple has their own contact form.



P.S. Think SEO. Imagine not many people would have optimized for photo booth rental services in your local areas yet. Do two events per week and you will make roughly six figures. You do the math πŸ˜‰