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The software geniuses at Made By Simple finished a premium version of the slideshow plugin for WordPress. It is really simple to use! Just upload your images and add one line of code and voila! Just make sure to add the slideshow code in your HTML mode (not Visual).Β  Here is a sample slideshow below using the new WordPress plugin.

wordpress slideshow plugin

Sample Images From Cancun

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

WordPress Slideshow Plugin Screens

wordpress slideshow plugin

wordpress slideshow plugin

Slideshow Usage and Installation

You can configure the slideshow in so many ways – timing, background colors, speed, size, image order, menu alignment, etc. Plus, there is a free version to try! The premium wordpress flash slideshow plugin is $9.99.

Installation instructions – here

Usage instructions – here

Any questions, please use the contact form at Made By Simple lest I will harpoon you.



P.S. “It’s never too late to be what you want to be…live a life that you’re proud of…have the strength to start all over again” -Benjamin Button

If you want to be a photographer [or anything else], follow your passion and just do it. Life is too short to squander it away doing anything less than what you dream. It is also all right to have new dreams!

P.P.S. Photography is my fourth career. [Light] programming is my fifth. Before that I did investment banking at JP Morgan Chase, insurance at AIG, IT work for UCLA and cyber cafe businesses in Los Angeles and Atlantic City. I am fortunate to have found photography. I am happy and proud to be a wedding photographer.