Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  The following people are the random winners selected by my four year old cousin.

slideshow program

Photo Booth Winners

If you know them, go be their best friend or new business partner! A photo booth business is very profitable, but it requires some help.

  1. Bryan Nguyen
  2. Catalina Ayubi
  3. Rafael Alcala
  4. Natalie Paget
  5. Michelle Yam

Slideshow Plugin Winners

A wicked slideshow is always a nice way to impress clients. Additionally, rather than loading 60 images onto a single blog post, which can be bandwidth demanding, use a slideshow to filter most of it. Vu Bui suggests to have only 10-15 stellar images and the rest tucked away somewhere.

  1. Alfred Bertulfo
  2. Amanda Montgomery
  3. Amy Wass
  4. Julie Cook
  5. Jonathan Roberts
  6. Mike Patterson
  7. Owen Donnahoo
  8. Stacy Brogan
  9. Tanya Saenz
  10. Tina Rawatta
  11. Ricki Ford
  12. Aric Becker
  13. Laura
  14. Scott Shoemake
  15. Michelle Koh
  16. Jamie Forestell
  17. Rebecca Seauve
  18. Lynette Johnson
  19. Gabriel Mora
  20. Stacy Hughes

Here is a little tip when you submit your information (as a number of people did not do this) – give me your first and last name.  Therefore, when I post about you, it’s free branding!

Your name is your brand.  You are not selling pictures because anyone can take those.  You are selling an experience!

For those not on the mailing list, make sure you are on it because I will doing more giveaways in the future. For those who are on it now, I am sending out a 50% discount link soon for probably my last square album designs (next post). I am working on something called the “Bleed Collection,” which is really cool.



P.S. I have a canker sore for about a week now and I will name it “Jerry”