Hello everyone,

After months of hard work, I am taking a vacation…a really long vacation. I will be gone for 6 weeks touring Europe with a couple of photo shoots here and there. If you reside in Europe, I would love the pleasure of meeting up for a drink or two!

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Story of My Wedding Photography Business

Do not worry – I have prepared lots of really good content for the weeks that I am gone. They are all scheduled to release by itself, so be sure to check back or add yourself to the mailing list. A number of people already asked how I got into wedding photography, so I will oblige with a story.

Although hesitant at first, I decided to write about it. In retrospect, my ordeal was rather silly and I hope you share a similar giggle!

Europe Schedule


Day 1 – Depart for Europe (today)
Day 2 – Arrive in London
Day 3 – London to Paris
Day 4 – Paris
Day 5 – Paris to Bordeaux
Day 6 – Bordeaux to Barcelona
Day 7 – Barcelona
Day 8 – Barcelona to French Riviera
Day 9 – French Riviera
Day 10 – French Riviera to Florence
Day 11 – Florence
Day 12 – Florence to Rome
Day 13 – Rome
Day 14 – Rome to Corfu
Day 15, 16, 17 – Corfu
Day 18 – Corfu to Italy
Day 19 – Arrive at Venice
Day 20 – Venice
Day 21 – Venice to Vienna
Day 22 – Vienna
Day 23 – Vienna to Munich
Day 24 – Munich to Austrian Tyrol
Day 25 – Austrian Tyrol to Lucerne
Day 26 – Lucerne
Day 27 – Lucerne to Rhine Valley
Day 28 – Rhine Valley to Amsterdam
Day 29 – Amsterdam
Day 30 – Amsterdam to London

Contiki over…

Day 31-36 – London
Day 36-42 – Canary Islands

Day 43 – Home

If I see any cool gifts to bring home, I will be sure to give it away as a prize.



P.S. This is my first time to Europe…EXCITED!