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SEO – search engine optimization – is a wonderful tool that can be applied into any industry. It is the basis for my online marketing technique in my photography business. Although I do not book every inquiry, I have been fortunate enough to get an average of 2-3 a day despite the depressed economy.

I don’t deny it – SEO is complicated. It took me two years to have a strong understanding of it. I bought books, read tips, and experimented; everything seemed to help just a little, but I was unable to find a direct formula for SEO for photographers.

I Decided To Teach It

When I started Tofurious, I had one goal in mind and that was to help photographers – namely on business and marketing elements [but maybe on taking nice pictures in the future…I am only one person!]. My success as a wedding photographer lies mainly on SEO.

The more exposure I had, the more clients I could book. It’s quite similar to how people apply for corporate jobs – send out 10 resumes for a chance of one interview…send out 100 resumes for a chance of 10 interviews. Conversely, as photographers we do not have places (brides’ addresses) to send our resumes to. Therefore, we need to rely on exposure.

This allowed me to do a number of things:

  • I can dictate my own prices
  • I can select which weddings I wanted to photograph rather than any that comes my way
  • I can quit my day job
  • I can be independent with my business
  • I can have time (and freedom) with my family and friends rather than editing 80 hours a week

When I decided to share what I had learned, I made a mock presentation for my girlfriend. I will be honest with you – my presentation was 8 slides and 10 minutes long…and when I was done, she gave me a befuddled look.

Fortunately, my girlfriend (@bullysaurus) is a 4th grade teacher. Her job is to take complicated ideas and break them down into digestible segments. And that’s what she did.

Anyone Can Do It (after the workshop)

After practicing my presentation, I gave my first SEO workshop in San Francisco and another one in Orange County. They were successes! Now it was time for me to extend this further to the public.

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