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Thomas Edison was an American inventor who created the incandescent light. It took him 10,000 tries to create the first successful one. What if it only took him 10 tries?


I have been working with SEO for more than two years now. I read books, perused websites for tips, tried over and over again on my websites to finally perfect it. You can try that route as well.

Instead, what if I just shared my formula with you? How much time do you think you can save? 1 day vs 10,000 days? In that time difference, how many more weddings do you think you can book?


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My formula works. I proved it to the OC workshop attendees by performing a simple optimization test. For the record, I have never photographed at Ritz Carlton (especially the Laguna Niguel branch) before.

Google: “Ritz Carlton Wedding Photography” and the following is the result:


Just keep in mind that this was for a global query for all Ritz Carlton locations! I made the posts that same morning. Just imagine the power…

Almost there,


P.S. I like Ritz Carlton, but I also like Cancun…and Paris, and Italy, and and and …the sky is the limit.

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