UPDATE: The Tofurious SEO workshops are now available!

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Hello everyone!

I am currently at Las Vegas attending Skip’s Summer School. Follow @tofurious for updates on LV and subscribe to mailing list for updates!

Mike Colon

I recently had the opportunity work with Mike Colon on a private SEO session. As Nikon would accurately put it, he is a “legend behind the lens.” Mike’s images have graced the pages of Rangefinder, Grace Ormonde, Photo District News, Shutterbug, TheKnot, and countless more. He is a phenomenal photographer, an amazing father and an overall a cool guy to hang out with.

While at Mike’s amazing house, I had a chance to chat with his glowing wife and play with his extremely hospitable son – Aidan. I absolutely loved how Aidan would always make sure that everyone was well hydrated and well fed with Otter Pops, granola bars and other snacks. During Mike’s private session, I shared with him everything that I will teach at the workshop.

I love the part where Mike says that “I will steal his business.” Mike is on a whole different level; it’s humbling [and funny] to hear a person of his caliber say that.


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Workshop Details

What took me two years to learn, I’ve managed to compile into 5 hours. I’m not talking about tips that will help with this tag and that tag; I’m talking about a formula that will get you immediate results.

I remember during my first in Orange County workshop, Victor Sizemore Google’d a recent wedding he photographed and it was on page 3. Throughout the session, he typed away furiously making modifications to his website. By the time he finished giving his video testimonial, it was #1 on Google (literally #1 not page 1).

What I will cover:

  • What SEO is
  • How you can use SEO to make money*
  • Not tips, but tried and proven techniques on how to rank on Google**
  • Blogging etiquette – basically everything that I did to make Tofurious what it is
  • Access to Tofu House (still designing – access to an exclusive community where nice people hang out and help each other)

* You will be able to rank for what you want and book the brides you want. Your ROI (return on investment) will be immediate.
** I will prove it at the end of the week with a parody video LOL – it’s so funny I’m giggling just thinking about it

Some SEO Topics:

  • Google PageRank (PR)
  • Targeted key terms
  • Links and sources***
  • Link Types
  • Link specificity
  • Meta information
  • Header tags
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Alerts
  • New media integration – Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • more…more and much more…

“Give a man a fish and he will be full for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be full forever.”

I will give you as many resources as I possibly can to make sure that you will be full and exploding with knowledge. Here is one way I will be personally helping (aside from teaching the techniques):

***Ask anyone and they will tell you that SEO is all about links (partially true but I’ll play along). There are actually a variety of link types and link strengths! Tofurious became a PR4 (very strong) in three months and is still growing. All attendees will get a big fat permanent link from Tofurious to boost their own websites based on deem credibility.

Workshop ONE – Orange County

I intend to visit other cities too, but OC is my hometown. I will have a survey soon asking where you want me to go, and I will try to be there. Some of you may already know this since you are on the mailing list, but here it is again:

Date: September 7, 2009
Location: Orange County
Host: Secret 🙂
When you can reserve a spot: August 25 – September 1

There will only be 30 seats, so it’s very limited. I imagine some of you might have many questions –

  • How much is it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Who is Lawrence Chan (Tofurious) and how can he prove that he’s good at this?

Whatever it is, feel free to ask me…in person!

Coffee Tour


Since Jet Blue has a promotion where I can have unlimited flights anywhere on their route for $600, I have decided to visit every city that has shown a strong interest. This includes Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, San Francisco, etc.

I will be mailing a list of instructions on how to have coffee with me and on my tab. I will buy the first 50 people coffee / tea from Starbucks. You can ask me about SEO, blogging, Tofurious, my favorite color, how I like my tofu cooked…anything. Or you can just come for coffee and we can sit there staring at each other to see who blinks first.

Since I am in Las Vegas already, I will be having coffee tomorrow (August 18 – Tuesday) at the Starbucks in MGM next to Studio Cafe at 7:00am. If you want to join me for a free cup of joe, just wear your Skip’s Summer School lanyard and say “I’m thirsty, dude!”

Fun, fun fun!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I am secretly the owner of Google =x