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How can I put this? The past few days have been an inspiration overload. If you followed me on twitter (@tofurious) or are on my mailing list, then you would have an idea of my recent events.

On Saturday, a good buddy โ€“ Candice Cunningham of Camera Slingers โ€“ phoned me up to see if she could use my photo booth of which I gladly obliged. In the midst of our chitchat, she asked if I was going to Skipโ€™s Summer School. Having just come back from a 6-week vacation in Europe, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Nevertheless, I whimsically decided to book my room! To be honest, I donโ€™t need a reason to go to Vegasโ€ฆ

While in Vegas, I finally had the opportunity to meet so many of the people Iโ€™ve only talked to via Twitter or Facebook. It was great to finally see them face to face. In addition, I also listened to a good number of panel speakers.

Camera Slinger Party

After being pumped with loads of information, I decided to take a respite on Tuesday and help Candice set up her Camera Slinger party. My role was simple โ€“

  • set up my photo booth (which I understood as being a total hit into the wee hours of the night โ€“ 5am?)
  • wire up the 1000-watt acoustic entertainment system – good pick by Aung and Jessica Conroy ๐Ÿ™‚

While waiting for some supplies to finish the photo booth, I got a lot of quality time to hang around the suite. Julie and I spent most of our time chatting with Sarah Bergeron and Christy from Bay Photo Lab, whom were super fun to talk to.

By 11:30pm, I got the sound system to fill the veranda with Lady Gaga and the photo booth to glow brightly in the corner. People were trickling in and helping themselves to what seemed like an endless flow of alcohol (served by bartender and photographer โ€“ Aung Aung). I didnโ€™t want to leave because the party just got started! Nevertheless, Julie and I hopped into my vehicle and we headed straight home.

Jasmine Star Is Quite Amazing

Okay, the title is clichรฉd, but not really. Jasmine is a phenomenal photographer and blogger; we all know that. But to what degree of how amazing, I only found out when we sat down and talked for three hours.

The very next morning after coming home from Vegas, I was tired but totally excited about meeting Jasmine Star! I started my morning by going to Starbucks and getting tea for the both of us. I specifically got the โ€œCalmโ€ tea, which was something I really needed.

For the next three hours, we talked about SEO, blogging and business. Jasmine has such a brilliant mind. When I got to the topic of blogging tips and visual strategies, I could almost see the gears in Jasmineโ€™s head turning like clockwork.

After every strategy coupled with concurring nods from Jasmine, I wanted to give her a high five!


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Tofurious SEO Workshop Debuts Next Week!

If you were on the mailing list, then you would know that the sale for Orange County is on Tuesday of next week. If you are a B-School member, Becker got you all special access through a password-protected site one day before the public can reserve seats.

MEMBERS: Page will go out on Monday morning, so wait for email blast or something ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still in SF so I won’t have time to make the page until that Sunday night.


P.S. I am currently in San Francisco and I love it here!