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Topics Covered

  • What SEO is
  • How you can use SEO to make money
  • Tried and proven techniques on how to rank on Google (not tips)
  • Blogging tips – basically everything that I did to make Tofurious what it is

SEO Outline

  • Google PageRank (PR)
  • Targeted key terms
  • Links and sources
  • Link Types
  • Link specificity
  • Meta information
  • Header tags
  • Google Analytics
  • New media integration – video, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • more…more and much more…

What To Bring

  • Laptop and online connection medium if possible
  • Open mind – this workshop is a no bull-shit type deal where “a bomb of knowledge is dropped on you” –Jasmine Star (video)

Reserve Your Spot Now


  • Purchases are not refundable (even if acts of God prevent you from being able to show up)
  • Tofurious reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
  • One purchase equates to one seat (not couples/companies/partners)
  • Workshop only offers tools for SEO; bonus stuff like admission to Tofu House (SEO community) and link building is offered at the discretion of Tofurious to maintain a network of credible websites

Download the e-book here for free!

Every once in awhile you attend a workshop that revolutionizes your business. This was the case when I attended Lawrence’s workshop… –Catherine Hall

Submit Your City

I will be hosting a number of workshops throughout the nation. Please submit any cities that I have not listed into the survey form. If there is a strong enough interest, I will be more than happy to open a new city (even if it’s in Australia, London, etc.). In the meantime, I will start with my home city of Orange County.

Other cities coming soon… Where would you like me to go?


Funny Quote From OC Coffee Meet

Becker said something along the lines of “If you must, sell your camera and rent because this workshop will make your money back so many times over that you can buy back your camera afterwards.”

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact me or come have coffee with me and ask in person!

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P.S. I realized that while advertising on theknot at $550/month yields $6,600/year (not $6,500). I recorded this video around 2am, so please spare me any rotten tomatoes please πŸ™‚

P.P.S. For 2008, my prices were at $5,000 and I booked over 50 weddings. I still maintain about 2-3 inquiries a day. You are welcome to see it at the Coffee Tour!