It is for people like Sara and Chris Goetz – people determined to make their business succeed and adapt to the evolving industry. Starting [or continuing] a business based on word of mouth is extremely difficult.

Chris Goetz saw results ONE DAY after the workshop (well actually much less than one day – watch the video). It’s a long video, but watch the whole thing please!

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I had the pleasure of giving a private workshop to Chris Goetz two days ago. His photography business is probably just like yours. I take that back – his photography business is just like yours. I know it because all of you were so nice to fill out my survey questions (thank you for that).

He was in the same situation I was, which is the same situation you are in.

“To be honest, even after getting all of the information…how am I going to get the results that he gets? So I came home and picked a recent wedding and did everything he taught us…and our post came up first! I was blown away!”

Like I said, this workshop is not for everyone, I do encourage you to watch this entire video that Chris was so gracious to make for me. I know it is long, but after you watch it you will see that this SEO workshop is not just for the top 10 in the industry. It is for Chris and Sara. It is for those who book 60 weddings a year and it is for those who book 3 weddings a year; it is for you.

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PS. I’m going to be revealing the vast survey statistics very soon. It will give everyone a good look at the current state of the industry.