Whoever thinks that selling fish is boring is gravely mistaken.

If you own a business and want to stand out, you MUST WATCH the video below.

I heard about Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle years ago. They are well-known for their business practices. I first heard about them in @bullysaurus’s training videos when she was studying to become a teacher.

pike place fish market logo

Pike’s Place Fish Market
86 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101-2025
(206) 682-7181

Their business setup was a real phenomenon. There were like 5 other fish businesses in the same market, but…

  • What makes this one so special?
  • Why would everyone buy from them instead of the 5 other ones?
  • What is their secret?
  • And it’s more than throwing fish…

All About Attitude

In the following video, I interacted with some of the employees there and it was such a BLAST!

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Standing Out

My theory behind business is all about setting yourself apart. Otherwise, you are just another fish in the ocean.

Pike’s Place Fish Market sets themselves apart with positive energy, the right attitude, and a unique service for their customers. Do the same for your own clients and you will get similar results!

Dare to be different. And that’s the beefiest part of my workshop.

Here is a super simple tip to stand out – let’s say that everyone commenting on a blog post gives short responses, give a LONG one. Conversely, if everyone gives long responses, give a SHORT one. I promise you that you WILL STAND OUT.

Following image is courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

ncl logo

So who’s hungry for fish because I bought about 3 pounds of it yesterday and I’m carrying it in my carry-on luggage 😡


Lawrence Chan

P.S. That fish was super cold. It was like holding a soft ice cube…rather exhilarating!