Seattle was so much fun! I met new peeps (non-wedding photographers too), learned about other businesses, and caught a fish!

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I hosted my wedding photography marketing workshop for various photographers at Grand Hyatt in Seattle. The view from the hotel was breathtaking! I was on the highest floor (30th) and I had a wonderful view of the water. Every morning I would trek down to Pike Place Market to see new things!

Workshop Attendees

Chris Waters – known as the “C” in JAC
Eternal Reflections Photography – spaghetti loving wedding photographers specializing in all things glamorous and fabulous
Jenny GG Photography – cool chick / cooler photog
Rockie Lee – Image Explorations dude
Candice Cunningham – octo-shot espresso camera-slingin’ photographer
Josh Thompson – Ventura photographer exploring Seattle for a day
Paula Wessels – need your website!

seattle market center

seattle farmers market

seattle farmers market

pike place fish market

seattle public market

The very first Starbucuks in Pike Place!

I just had to seek it out! I even got their special bag of coffee beans. I can’t wait to get home to grind them – slurp!

pike place starbucks

I am a coffee fiend – yum!

first starbucks

Space Needle

Since I did not get to go to the top of the Space Needle, it only gives me an excuse to return to Seattle in the future. There is a restaurant at the very top! I wanted to eat there, but @bullysaurus and I arrived 2 minutes too late – ah boo!

space needle

New Friends

I must thank @SeattleMaven for all of the wonderful tour / food advices while in town. I even got a chance to meet her along with @moniguzman (blogger for Seattle PI) at Top Pot (a delicious donut place).

Ah – a social media tweet-up! Good times!

moniguzman at top pot

When I was at Top Pot, I could not resist the smell of the wonderful donuts, so I bought 4 dozen to Dane Sander’s Pictage talk that same evening…so delicious *salivating

So many wonderful places with so little time to visit them,

Lawrence Chan
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P.S. Rockie Lee invited me to speak for Image Explorations in Canada next year. I was honored and happy to do it. The only part that worried me was the fact that I’M OPENING ACT! For those of you who know me, I’m a bit of a recluse.