The longer I stayed in Denver, the more I loved it.

At the time of my visit, the cold weather was crisp against my face; similar to that of the feeling portrayed in commercials when drinking an ice cold Sierra Mist. I am from Los Angeles and operate my business there. Therefore, the change of climate was something noteworthy.

As a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to experiment various means of online marketing. The SEO and blogging techniques that I have acquired through the years, I shared with the following individuals:

Stacy Ziegler – a loving mom
Susan Pacek – a delightful photographer freezing in Denver and dreaming of Mexico (me too)
Jessica Schaefer – lover of fast food and all things that are horrible for you
Tonya Peterson – mom, wife and photographer in need of a vacation
Larry Rednour – “California Travel Guy” planning to start a new website for his tour agency

I’ve come to love working with small groups. The aforementioned had such a variety – wedding photography, children photography and travel agency. I hope that I was able to offer a customized route for each of you – go rock the online world!

The entire workshop was hosted in my hotel suite at Hotel Monaco in Denver. It was a lovely corner unit with a Mediterranean style that overlooked the street. One thing remarkable about this pet friendly hotel is that you can request for a pet fish if you travel unaccompanied, of which I requested!

hotel monaco

His name is Ben.

hotel monaco


Lawrence Chan