My first interview! Joy Bianchi Brown graced with me a spot on Jules Cafe!

Jules Cafe is operated by Joy Bianchi and Jules Bianchi – awesome photographers and lovely sisters! Jules Cafe interviews various photographers on many topics. My interview was on Learn – Grow – Share.

coffee break at jules cafe

These were my questions:

LEARN: Whatโ€™s something that you feel like youโ€™d like to learn more about, something you are continually learning?

What is something that you wish someone would have told you before you had to learn it the hard way?

GROW: How have you grown in the past five years in your business, in your own personal quest for growth, in your awareness of the world around you? How would you recommend others grow-do you have a favorite marketing tip,workshop suggestion, or convention to attend?

SHARE: How do you feel that you contribute to the industry? What is something you would like to share with your follow colleagues? How can they turn around and do the same for others? Favorite charitable contribution?

Read my responses here!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Coffee break time… My favorite is Iced Americano (which is made completely different in Europe).