It’s difficult to not know what the Twilight series is because we are inundated with advertisements everywhere…and I mean everywhere.

The goal of this article is not talk talk about the movie or book (although I might inject some of my opinions here and there). The intention is to remind ourselves to step back for a moment from all of the hype and analyze exactly what is going on.

  • what marketing mediums were utilized
  • how it can be replicated again (perhaps for our own businesses)
  • who the key figures are and images they project
  • when strategic advertisements were used
  • where they are making appearances and why



New Moon

new moon

I’m going to admit it – I didn’t have a clue what Twilight was until about a month ago. After seeing this ubiquitous image, I decided to read the book after much debate; I was instantly sold.

Upon return from my nationwide SEO tour, I rented the movie and was rather disappointed. Nevertheless, I couldn’t understand the craze everyone had! This was especially for those who loved the movie and never read the book. This really piqued my interest.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Let’s examine these two for a moment. Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) are the leading actors for the movies.

Robert Pattinson – “self-deprecatingly adorable” and “painfully handsome” guy who constantly calls himself an “idiot” –Perez Hilton

Kristen Stewart – cold and seemingly unappreciative for her fame

The two are always mentioned together – a lot of times with adulation and disdain respectively. Nevertheless, I believe that this duo contribute to the marketing buzz that is going around. Your thoughts?

Nationwide Tour

The entire cast – this includes the werewolves and the Volturi (the organized coven of “royal” vampires) – are making appearances everywhere you can possibly imagine! If you recall from my recent article, “What Makes A Successful Photography Business,” we create friction and connection by meeting people in personโ€ฆthese connections outweigh any online ones.

By meeting people in person, they are creating connections. These connections will equate to ticket and merchandise sales. Personally, I’d gladly buy a ticket or poster to meet Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) because I like her portrayed spunky personality.

This does not include the various press conferences in Japan, Brazil and Mexico. The cast even attended Comicon a few months ago! They are currently doing their nationwide tour with the joint promotion with Hot Topic and Nordstrom. Now they are engaging in interviews with Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

They will be making a presence on day time shows on Ellen and other late night time shows.

Social Media And Other Outlets

This one is a hefty contribution. They exercised every possible route – Twitter, iPhone apps, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, cross promotions, and etc.

Twitter – Three individuals from Twilight really embraced the online world and used it as a tool to connect with their followers. Previously, fans could only read about their idols through print and online mediums. Now, they can ask the actors and actresses directly! Even better, sometimes these people respond!

@Twilight – Twilight by Summit Entertainment
@Peter Facinelli – Dr. Carlisle Cullen
@Billy Burke – Chief Swan
@Ashley Greene – Alice Cullen

iPhone Apps – Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke have made efforts to connect with their fans through their very own iPhone App ($1.99)! It has biographies, exclusive videos, etc. Yay!

This is all about transparency. I’m actually going to be having a talk with Becker about this on November 19th, so stay tuned.


Your Turn

I’m not going to talk about other platforms that they used because it would take me forever. I want everyone to use this as an exercise and to think about it.

What is it that they did to make it such a huge success? Don’t say it was because it was based on a great book. Not all books make great movies. Not all movies demand sequels. In all honesty, Twilight the movie was sub par, yet I am going to be one of those crazy fans lined up at New Moon’s debut.

So, what are your thoughts? Please comment because I’m very interested!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I was Team Edward, but now am Team Jacob after reading Breaking Dawn.