Don’t hate me – I love Twilight. Plus, they are a good example to use in terms of effective marketing. To read my first article about their use of social media, please visit here.

This article will talk about two things –

  1. Knowing who your audience is
  2. Finding out what they want

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are subjective, so there are no magic answers, but hear me out because I have a couple of examples. First with Twilight, then with photography.

Know Who Your Audience Is

Jimmy Fallon said (not in the exact words) something very funny about Twilight.

Stephanie Meyer (author of Twilight Saga) is appearing on Oprah. Anyone who’s heard of Twilight will be in school and anyone watching Oprah will have no clue what it is.

Fallon was obviously trying to be facetious because Meyer’s reach is far more vast. In any event, knowing one’s target audience is very important.

Twilight International Covers

To expand further on this, please review the myriad covers that Meyer utilized to cater for her international customers. Different audiences have different wants, thus different book covers to appease them. To see all of them, please visit Meyer‘s website.


germany twilight book cover


denmark twilight book cover


netherlands twilight book cover

Czech Republic

czech republic twilight book cover


china twilight book cover


japan twilight book cover


korea twilight book cover


thailand twilight book cover


russia twilight book cover


norway twilight book cover


finland twilight book cover


indonesia twilight book cover

Who Are Your Customers?

I can go on about Twilight forever, but I’d rather see how it can be applied to your business. This is your homework (or classwork). Ask yourselves these questions…seriously.

If your ideal customer was sitting in front of you right now, describe him or her extensively. Start with questions like:

  • What gender?
  • What clothing will your client wear?
  • What is the average income – to determine social / economic status?
  • What is it that your customers fear most?
  • What is it that your customers want most?

Once you determine who your customer is, you will know how you can effectively market to them.

Therefore, before you decide to just put up balloons or colorful things on your business cards, blog, website, etc., plan ahead. If you want all Star Wars brides, well, make sure they feel like you are a Star Wars type of photographer.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I travel a lot. Personally, I’m not a fan of the traveling part, but a fan of the destination part. If there was a transportation machine, would you gamble the chance of breaking your body down into a gazillion molecules and teleporting it to a very far place and reconstructing yourself? Sounds like a horror movie with that fly monster. Frightening…