Yesterday, Becker graced me with an opportunity to speak at the [b] school Study Hall. The topic was on effective blogging techniques.

I can relate.

  • blogging is not that fun
  • blogging is time consuming
  • why blog? do people even read it?
  • how do I validate it being useful? based on number of comments?

Don’t worry. Blog for the sake of blogging. Do it for yourself. But I admit, there are ways to do it more effectively. And over the years, I have been honing this skill and have booked many weddings from it.

b school

Coffee Tour Shared Blogging Techniques

Just a couple of months ago, I went to 13 cities to have coffee with photographers and shared some blogging techniques that I use to book weddings. They are simple things that everyone can do and that will dramatically bring in business.

Think For Your Readers

A lot of times, I hate to admit it myself, it is easier being told what to do rather than to think for ourselves (so pat yourselves on the back – business owners). Even Apple’s Senior Product Innovator said, “At Apple, we like to give our customers features they do not realize they want yet.”


Think about it – a normal photographer’s blog post consists of a short little intro, then a whole slew of images including detail, preparation, bridal portraits, ceremony, couple portraits, kids, reception…and the list continues. At the very bottom of every post, a client has a few options:

  1. comment on the blog post (highly unlikely)
  2. scroll all the way back up to find a contact button
  3. leave the website

In this age of instant information, it’s difficult to expect a reader to know what to do next. Rather, give them options that are seemingly the next steps. After one reads the blog post, I give two choices:

  1. view portfolio
  2. contact me

Look at Chenin Boutwell‘s blog as an example.

chenin boutwell

Write Compelling Blog Post Titles

When you have interesting titles, people are more inclined to read them. Let me give you some examples.

  1. I Guess Jasmine Star is Making Me Lasagna
  2. 3 Steps to Marketing an Idea
  3. What Makes A Successful Photography Business?
  4. Drinking Too Much Milk Leads Toโ€ฆA Funny Story

Here is an idea for children photographers – “Not Funny – Baby Puked On Me”

Want more ideas? I subscribe to Anthropologie‘s newsletter for inspiration. If you want to subscribe to mine, it’s here.


Transparency is what Becker likes to say, “being real.” It’s extending yourself onto the web. Talk about yourself! Good examples would be Becker‘s public love for poker and Jasmine Star‘s kisses and disses.

When clients look at your website, they can connect with you. Remember that you are selling yourself, not your images. To an untrained eye (let’s say most of our clients), all of the photos look the same. Be different.

One last example, consider Perez Hilton and TMZ. Perez Hilton is just as successful (if not more) as one person versus a whole company delivering the same news. Why? He injects his personality and opinions.


So talk about your favorite foods once in a while. Yes, people do read about it.

Write Reviews

Everyone likes reviews because it is inside perspective on something. To help your clients, review things that pertain to them such as bouquets, or destination weddings vs. local weddings, and etc.

Since the wedding season is winding down, use this opportunity to review wedding venues you’ve photographed or all of the different types of bouquets you’ve seen in terms of style and fashion.

Here is a review I did for Contiki Holiday‘s European Tour.

As a result, they published my video on their website and will use my pictures for their 2010 marketing materials!

Thank You

I appreciate everyone who tuned in – there was 594 people who signed on! Nice!

So what are your thoughts? I know many of you are already using the techniques! Give a shout out! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I just bought a 26″ LED monitor from Costco for my workspace. SO. MUCH. DESKTOP.