Do you care about being found online? If you have a website, you need to be on Google.

Ranking well on Google could mean a lot of traffic to your website, thus more business. If you’re not found on search engines, then you simply don’t exist. And I do not mean Googling yourself.

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I’m not saying that social media isn’t a viable resource for traffic. But to omit search engine optimization (SEO) is to cut 33% of potential traffic from people who don’t know you. Why leave out that business?

If you don’t take advantage of it, your competitors will.

SEO is Hard, And Easy

I know that SEO can be daunting – codes, meta tags, content strategy, and etc. – but I

  • broke everything down into simple step-by-step tutorials
  • included illustrated screenshots
  • gave various examples (e.g., for wedding, portrait, pet and other photographers)

You might already know a little bit of SEO. You might even have an SEO plugin, which is useless by the way if you don’t customize it. You might this and you might that … You might be ranked sort of where you want. Take the guesswork out!

And no … it’s not those long, ugly blog post titles I see some people have where they stuff it full of “keywords.” Oh my … lol.

I think I’ve tried every imaginable way to increase our ranking and searchability with little to no success.

What was so great about Lawrence is that he simplifies and presents all of the SEO information in such a way that even those with limited or no knowledge of the subject can completely grasp the concept.

Our newly found exposure has more than tripled our inquiries and now more than doubled the amount of bookings for next year.

Thanks again, Lawrence … much wouldn’t have been possible without your help in putting all of the jumbled SEO information into perspective and giving us the techniques and tools to accomplish what we have in just a few, short months!
— Kameron and Lyndsay

You’re Already Blogging —
Take the Extra Step to Optimize

My name is Lawrence Chan and I am the premier marketing strategist for the photography industry. While I wrote this book for smart and modern photographers, the knowledge is applicable for any business that wants more traffic.

If you’re already blogging, good. That’s the hard part. Why not take the extra step of fine-tuning what you’re already doing and reap the benefits of search engines’ immense traffic?

SEO is especially helpful for those starting in a new area or lacking new clients. That’s one of the pitfalls of social media — you need existing clients. And the moment you, say, raise your prices, that pool of referrals won’t be able to afford you.

Sample Content

The 2012 PDF e-book is concise and condensed into 126-pages of ethical practices; unethical techniques (black hat) could lead to a ban from search engines.

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It is simple, yet adequately detailed. Learn the why. Do the how. Your competitors will learn this. You need to know this. Dominate the web today!

WOW is all I can say! Since your workshop last Monday in San Francisco, I have gotten 8 inquiries! I’ve only optimized a handful of my blog from this year!!! I can’t wait to optimize the rest of it!

Thank you for making it simple and easy to understand. You rock!!
–Tiffany Fosnight

For a small investment, you will make your money back in a fraction of one photo shoot, but own the knowledge forever.

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Learn SEO For Photographers from marketing strategist Tofurious!

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I was dumb. I thought word of mouth was my best advertising that I could get, then like we all do, I raised my prices and dropped off the face of the earth. Didn’t know where to turn. Hearing the horror stories of failed advertising on popular wedding sites, I decided to sign up for Lawrence’s workshop.

I came into the class only knowing what the letters SEO stood for and left with step-by-step knowledge on how to make it work for me and my business. Within weeks, I was ranking above [my competition] and my site would climb everyday until it was in the top 3-4 in the search results.

Many people out there say they know SEO, but their personal websites aren’t even ranking #1 on Google! Don’t be fooled. Lawrence is the real deal!
— Kara Schultz

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There are options to boost performance and leave your competition in the dust. For a small membership fee, join other like-minded photographers and get links from me, links from each other, updates on SEO and much more.

Email for details.

Get ready to be found,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Are you going to be one of the first 100 people who will get a PR-boosting free link? I will email you with information on how to proceed.

P.P.S. Anyone who attended my workshop in the past or purchased a DVD, forward the Google Checkout email to and I will have my assistant send you a copy of this e-book. Offer expires October 31, 2012. Thanks!

Learn how I got into SEO. It starts with a story of how I shot cats and then weddings.
Oh the memories … 🙂

Chapter 1: From Cats to Weddings
Chapter 2: Riding High On Referrals
Chapter 3: TheKnot Frenzy
Chapter 4: Searching For Myself

A screenshot of some old inquiries:

seo inquiries

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