This might be old news for some, but I came across this image while perusing the web and nearly fell off my chair laughing! Serves Audi right. At the same time, it would be cooler if the owners of the two Santa Monica dealerships were friends, but that seems unlikely.

This ad actually reminded me of scenarios I have faced during my years in business. I have never found it beneficial for people to seek defamation unless in a facetious way (perhaps this is applicable). I think it is wiser to make friends (even with “competitors”) than to make enemies.


For those who have trouble reading the billboards, it reads “Your move, BMW.” by Audi and “Checkmate.” by BMW. Pay attention to the details 🙂

  • horizontal vs. vertical
  • white background vs. black background
  • black car vs. white car
  • white text vs. black text
  • regular font weight vs. bold
  • correlating logo positions

Fun times,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Would you rather have an Audi or BMW? With this ad, I’m with the Ultimate Driving Machine. Vroooom!