Hungry you must be; satiated you must appear. Allow me to elaborate, Skywalker.

I am currently in my executive suite at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas…working. Starting tomorrow, I will be at the new Aria Hotel (in City Center) until post new year…quite possibly working. With full comps to restaurants, clubs, and shows, staying indoors might appear weird.


That is how hungry I am. I am willing to forgo various items (recreations, weekends, days, nights, snowboarding trips with friends, Christmas, New Year’s, even my health) to work on a new opportunity.


On the outside, I give the image that everything is dandy; everything is under control. This “performance” seems counterintuitive. There are reasons why I act this way. In my situation, it is to promote the feeling of serenity. The moment my surrounding party is agitated, the structure may collapse.

How Does This Affect You?

I have applied this same model many times when selling to wedding clients. I am hungry for their business! It could be because I needed the money or wanted cool portfolio images. Whatever the case may be, do not show it.

Whether it is selling to a bride or seeking success in business / life, you must want it. You must want it badly. You must be willing to jump through rings of fire and dodge poisonous darts to get what you want all while acting nonchalant. Be cool as a cucumber.

When I engage myself in a business, I have one motto:

Failure is not an option.

There are no excuses. No one will pity you. It sounds cold, but that is the reality. However, be willing to forfeit a business if it is a dead end. Before you do that though, you make #$@&*! sure you have exhausted every option.

In the end, please please please help others when they need it. That is why even though I get a crazy amount emails a day, I have never once not replied to anyone. Now you know why I am laconic.

Am I crazy? Anyway, I hope it helps! Go ROCK 2010!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. The above pictures were taken at Wynn Buffet. If you want to roll out like a ball, that’s the place to be! Even though I acted as if I were too full to eat dessert, I still ate them all. Now my waistline regrets it.

P.P.S. I am super happy that the team I am working with on this new project shares the same perspective. I feel bad that they are missing their holidays too.

P.P.P.S. What are your plans for new year’s eve? Anyone going to be in Las Vegas? Coffee meet? Maybe. I will try.