Yesterday, I had an amazing time in SD where I participated at the San Diego Photog Shootout. There were a number of photography leaders coordinating their respective stations. I just hoovered around and took a few pictures here and there.

photography workshop

photography workshop

photography workshop

photography workshop

These two models had the best chemistry xoxo

photography workshop

Despite the male model’s masculine appearance, he snorts whenever he laughs, which makes him super endearing. “Woosah,” he would remind himself while rubbing his ear lobes.

photography workshop

Don’t get deceived by Roxanne’s (Pixel2Canves) sweet demeanor. When she’s serious, she’s serious.

photography workshop

Confessions of a Shopaholic

In the evening, I was graced with the opportunity to share with everyone my brand spankin’ new presentation on understanding our target audience and maximizing social media for generating business.

During my talk, Amber Fox asked me an interesting question – what book would I suggest to read to better understand marketing.

“Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella,” I quickly responded.

While everyone chuckled, no one asked why. After returning home, I realized that I should have said something.

Rebecca Bloomwood (protagonist) is the true epitome of a consumer. While she humorously delves into her reasons (or non-reasons) for compulsively buying things, the better we understand how a consumer’s mentality works, the better we can create a marketing campaign for that specific audience (or any audience for that matter). Plus, it’s a really fun book to read!

Don’t stop at this book – read the entire series!

confessions of a shopaholic book

LA SmugMug Meet

Peter Garr is so gracious to have me as a guest speaker for LA’s SmugMug meet on February 18th, 7pm – 9pm!

Global Cafe
February 18, 2010 @ 7pm-9pm
11002 Ventura Blvd,
Studio City, CA 91604

So if you missed my presentation in San Diego, I will be giving the same one that day on understanding our target audience and maximizing social media πŸ™‚

More details here. So, who’s going?

See you all there!!!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Sorry for being MIA recently (even on Twitter) because I have been super busy with various projects; this includes next week.

P.P.S. I finally joined the gym! I was going strong for 3-days straight and then I cheated tonight at Island’s Burgers. @Bullysaurus and I are guilty dieters. It wasn’t my fault! She coaxed me into it. We’re trying to look fit for a wedding I’m shooting in Jamaica in May. Ahhh not much time!