There are days when you might be besieged with work. There is a simple solution.

  1. Turn off your cell phone
  2. Go watch a movie

At theaters, you’re forced to shut the phone, sit in the dark, let the mind drift and be entertained. This allows for two things.

  1. The world won’t self-destruct because you took a break
  2. Allows you to step away and clear your mind

A clear mind is dire in any business. More importantly, having balance is essential for any business; this includes health, friends, family, recreation…


Today started like any other day where I woke up super early and listed all of the things that needed to get done. So Julie and I got dressed in our workout clothes and went to the post office to drop off our employment taxes. We were about to go to the bank and gym when Julie was hit with an inspiration – Universal Studios.

universal studios hollywood gorilla

universal studios hollywood gorilla

Although hesitant, I have to take my own advice. Still in our running shoes, Julie and I zipped off to Universal Studios.

I’m really happy we went! There have been so many changes since we last came here as tots. Most importantly, I haven’t seen you genuinely laugh in so many years. Thank goodness for Simpsons! – Julie

The last statement came to me as an interesting realization. Have I been so focused on business that I forgot laughter?

I used to always make up excuses like “this is a great opportunity” or “I’ve got to finish this first,” without realizing that there will always be new opportunities and I will never ever finish my work.

In conclusion, it’s healthy to step away. Restore balance in your life. Times are tough, I know, but a movie ticket only costs $12 and it can shed some new perspective [on life or on business]. Consider it a write-off.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Ya’ll like my HDR?

P.P.S. I will be speaking at LA Smug Mug on February 18, 2010!

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010
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