Amidst the organized chaos of eager photographers poking into every booth all trying to get the host’s attention simultaneously, I decided to go a different route.

To my right, there will be a plasma tesla ball. To my left, there will be a kitchen timer. In front of me, I will have a 5-minute one-on-one consultation with anyone in queue.

Feel free to ask me any question within that time frame (including food recipes), but my forte lies with marketing a wedding business. Just one question though, so plan ahead lest you will have wait in line again.

Anyone is also welcome to hear me speak at the SmugMug booth and WPPI VIP Business Panel.

Monday – SmugMug
02:00 pm – 02:20pm
Understanding social media and SEO
to strategically cater for target audiences

Wednesday – SmugMug
10:00 am – 10:20am
Understanding social media and SEO
to strategically cater for target audiences

Wednesday – WPPI VIP Business Panel
02:30 pm – 04:00pm
“‘Backstage pass'” into the brains
of some of the most successful
photographers in the world”

My Booth 1240 Guest – Code Name: GO

My guest’s reputation precedes her. This woman will “grace” [no pun intended hehe] me [and everyone] with her presence and extensive knowledge of fashion and platinum weddings.

She is *drum roll please* Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style Magazine – industry’s premier luxury wedding benchmark — @grace_ormonde.

With over 24 years in the industry and editor-in-chief of an international luxury wedding magazine, one might say that she knows a thing or two about what good imagery is and what goes into publications.

Tuesday – Booth 1240
11:00am – 12:30pm
Live Q/A about what an editor-in-chief
looks for in magazine editorials

Wednesday – Booth 1240
11:00 am – 12:30pm
Portfolio review by Grace Ormonde
Bring at most two photos
(I suggest physical prints in case you want her to autograph or something tee hee)

Here’s The Real Kicker

Grace Ormonde feels that the wedding photography industry has really elevated due to all of the inspiring industry leaders and tools that they offer.

Therefore, she is offering everyone an opportunity to submit one photograph to be considered for the next Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine cover! *faints – now that I mentioned it, I just made more competition for myself*

grace ormonde covers

Don’t worry for those not attending WPPI. I will have details about this posted after the convention. NOTE: even if you feel reservations about your work, it never hurts to submit, so DO IT!

Schedule if you want to save onto your iPhone or something:

tofurious wppi ad

Other Things

Touch Screen / Live View Photo Booth

Same as last year. Well, guess what? I’m going give the software away for FREE. At WPPI, feel free to come by to play with it, take pictures with friends and etc!

DO NOT email me about it. I am still in the process of making tutorials for it. If you cannot make it to WPPI, you can subscribe to the mailing list for updates.


I will have lots of bean bags and chairs for people to just hang out. Additionally, I am bringing out the original Nintendo for your entertainment! I have Mario Bros, Contra, and more! Let’s face it, it doesn’t take 3 days to walk the convention floor, so kill some time there.

original nintendo

Internet Access

Are you addicted to your blog or video stream? I have a Bloggers’ Lounge in the main convention room for your internet cravings. Enjoy!

10 Free WPPI Full Registration Passes

Thank you everyone for submitting your stories. Some are very touching… If you still want a chance to get 10 full registration passes, the deadline is tomorrow – Saturday 11:59pm. So make a blog post! Details here.

Am I missing anything?

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I might have coffee meets, so follow @tofurious for updates!

P.P.S. For those who attended my nationwide workshop, you will have priority during my one-on-one consultation. I want to check up on things!