Yesterday was my first SmugMug presentation! Peter Garr was the gracious leader who invited me to speak.

It was the second time I used this presentation; first time was at SD Photog Shootout. As I was weaving through the attendees, Anastasia asked if I was going to cover pricing and packages.

“Didn’t plan to, but I can add that in…right now.” People kept asking, so I kept modifying. By the end of the evening, Tamara Young can attest that my slides were nothing like San Diego’s presentation.

lawrence chan smugmug

Image courtesy of Lucia Isabella

Core Focus: Understanding And Marketing For Your Target Audience

The following are two slides out of the presentation. It should give a general idea as to what I talked about.

Everyone’s answers were unanimous. Yet a lot of our efforts were catered for the wrong audience. I am not encouraging that we dismiss peer approval; just saying that efforts should be distributed equally.

Before crafting a blog post or spending advertising dollars, think about where your marketing efforts are placed.

Ask yourselves questions like:

  • would I buy that?
  • would I pay for that
  • where would my target audience get their exposure? TheKnot, Grace Ormonde?
  • what is it that they fear most?

And etc…


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Today I decided to skip 24 Hour Fitness to hike. Hopefully I won’t be breathing on the same level as LA’s infamous smog.