My girlfriend, Julie, is a substitute teacher. She recently taught at a high school where one kid really caught her attention. He was carrying a Nikon DSLR with a matching Nikon bag full of lenses; this was abnormal for a high school student’s budget.

“That’s a nice camera, John! Do you carry this around all of the time?” asked Julie.

“Yeah, I love shooting pictures.”

Julie chided, “I bet everyone frequently asks you to take professional pictures for them.”

“Yeah – yearbook, sports, portraits, dances, the works! I’m known as ‘the guy with the big camera!'”

Indelible Impressions

John made an image for himself at school – he was the guy with the big camera. This elusive impression can be good or bad.

In a positive approach, try to leave an indelible impression with all of your clients and their friends. So that in the event that any of them need a photographer (pet, portrait, wedding…), they will think of you!

Shopaholic – Girl In The Green Scarf

For those of you who watched the movie or read the book, Rebecca Bloomwood used the title as “Girl In The Green Scarf” for her publication columns.

girl in the green scarf

This enigmatic name caused curiosity amongst the readers. On the flip side, Rebecca will always be branded as the girl in the green scarf. What happens if she decided she doesn’t like green anymore?

shopaholic girl in the green scarf


The green scarf will always be a reminder of Rebecca Bloomwood. Take me for example now.

Most recently I pushed strongly on SEO (search engine optimization) and strategic blogging. I later felt the repercussions.


I was branded as an SEO expert (and only that) when in actuality, SEO and blogging strategies are only some of the many tools that I employ. What I really am is a marketing consultant for the wedding industry.

For example, a few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with WPPI and did some coaching on social media and software integration. Anyone notice any subtle changes? πŸ™‚

Now, I am working with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine on some strategic marketing. The first step I did was redid their website and started her off with a fresh Twitter account. There hasn’t been much activity recently because she is working on her new book.

Lastly, for those who attended last month’s LA Smug, I dabbed a little on effective usages of social media.

WPPI Booth 1240

All in all, I am here at Las Vegas for WPPI. My setup is at booth 1240 – schedule here. If you have any burning questions, come on by and ask me. I will be offering on-on-one coaching, so everything will be private.

Who’s coming to visit me? My worst nightmare is crickets chirping. If anything, come play Nintendo (the old school one) and reminisce the good times.


Lawrence Chan
Wedding Marketing Consultant : )

P.S. Party hard, but sleep hard. You don’t want to get sick.

P.P.S. Follow @tofurious if you want to track where I am – cheers!

P.P.P.S. Do you all know what you’re known as? Or are you all just dime a dozen photographers?