I love cappuccinos, sidewalk cafes, Paris (France), baguettes and Kimberlee and Marissa! xo

Rather than enjoying each of them separately, The Boudoir Divas bunched them all together in a Parisian boudoir workshop. I would totally sign up except that it’s not easy to book boudoir photography gigs as a dude…trust me, I tried. So if you’re a dudette, I recommend this without reserve.

boudoir divas workshop

Dates: April 29 – May 1
Day 1 – Reception & Shoot
Day 2 – Processing
Day 3 – Optional Add-On Shoot


Paris, France

Email Ashley at info@theboudoirdivas.com

The Divas prepared this convenient PDF for review!

Supplementary Information

Committed brides are more than likely to continue working with said photographer. Therefore, offer them an opportunity to feel and look sexy [all while maintaining comfort levels – people are conscientious about body flaws]. Learn how The Boudoir Divas handle these scenarios.

Plus, I’m confident that grooms / husbands-to-be will be thankful.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. While there, have a crepe – go bold and try it as a meal (meat, egg, etc.) rather than a dessert.