Why would a prescription drug company advertise to those who cannot access the drug unless with a prescription? Odd. In fact, it’s something that I use all of the time when consulting for wedding jobs.

This is my 5th year as a wedding photographer and I have seen a wide spectrum of clients. One pattern observed – the higher in price I go (now starting at $10k), the more often parents will fund the weddings. They are my auxiliary clients.

Drug Companies And Auxiliary Marketing

When at home, more commonly during regular 9am-5pm working hours, prescription drug commercials will air on television. They are not being silly to advertise to an audience that has no control of which drug they are issued by their doctors. In a logical world, shouldn’t the drug companies advertise to said doctors rather than patients?

Take Zoloft for example. Watch the video and pay attention at the end. It will quote the following:

Talk to your doctor about Zoloft – the number one prescribed brand of its kind. Zoloft – when you know more about what’s wrong, you can help make it right.

They’re not even trying to hide their goal. Zoloft wants you to ask your doctor about the drug. In reality, Zoloft wants you to tell your doctor what to prescribe… “Hey doc, I feel this, this and this. I think I need something like Zoloft to help…”

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Do not be too rigid on your marketing campaigns. I talk about knowing your target audience in many of my lectures and posts. Just know that sometimes there is more than just one target client. Since I have a wide array of readers, there isn’t only one way to use auxiliary marketing. Think about it.

Share your thoughts on how you can use auxiliary marketing below and I will try to respond accordingly!

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Lawrence Chan

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