Any professional photographer should ideally have a professionally taken picture. Being a semi-whimsical spirit, I always change my Twitter or Facebook (new fan page) profiles frequently. Most of the time with images taken with my iPhone.

After weeks of left-brained marketing work, I decided that it was time for a break. While visiting Jessica Claire today, I was inspired to take my camera out after seeing a bag of used film in her car.

“Dang it! My new camera is literally collecting dust,” I thought to myself.

Plus, I had another one of those “it’s time to change my profile picture” feelings today. How auspicious. So I went home and spent the next 15 minutes setting up two remote AlienBees AB800 strobes with one diffuser disk (didn’t have soft boxes with me).

lawrence chan

It was a pretty easy setup for those interested. It was a two point system with one main light and one fill / hair light from rear.

remote lighting diagram

Wouldn’t it be cool to do setups like this at every wedding? I would need at least 4 assistants. Takers?

Stay bright (ha ha pun king! just kidding.),

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Versace – if you like what you see, I would be more than happy to model / take pictures in exchange for sunglasses…call me! xo