Everyone loves gifts. Everyone loves surprises. What’s even better is a surprise gift. It’s only natural.

In business, I encourage a model called, “under promise, over deliver.” By leaving customers with a positive indelible impression, you will be remembered for future work.

I got an idea from Goli – a salon director from Harry Winston (a premier jewelry designer) – at a recent visit to their Beverly Hills store. She plans to give all of her brides a gift to help plan their weddings. I saw the reaction from Emily (bride) first hand, so I know it’s something that will be super helpful!

gifts for brides

Being In Love Never Goes Out Of Style is a book that Grace Ormonde from Wedding Style magazine is coming out with. It has over 400 pages and is a giant volume of inspiration.

I overheard that for a limited time, @Grace_Ormonde is going to offer personalized autographed copies. Personally, I know that these will make great gifts for my brides especially with their names on it. I am putting dibs for at least four for this year.

Anyway, just a thought! It goes on sale TOMORROW!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I think I play too much Words With Friends. I have about five games going on as I compose this.

A fond gift book idea from @grace_ormonde via @tofurious – http://bit.ly/aTr083!