I know it’s last minute notice, but I will be speaking this Thursday at OC SmugMug meeting!

Date: 04-22-10 at 7pm
Topic: Understanding Your Target Audience
Address: Mesa Verde Country Club
3000 Club House Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

In marketing, before any product or service is promoted, we need to understand the target audience. This will help greatly when creating an advertising campaign. Otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark…with a water pistol.

oc smugmug

The presentation is open to everyone! Do come please! My greatest fear is an empty room, so please oblige. I’m going against my own rule of speaking in large rooms (largest yet).


Lawrence Chan

P.S. For those wondering if it’d be the same as LA, SD or Cypress’s presentation, not entirely. Plus, I am bringing candy…for your brains.

See Lawrence Chan @tofurious this Thursday at OC Smug – http://bit.ly/bk8c8P!