Now that you have a Facebook Fan Page, blog and Twitter account, what’s next?


While you are asleep, your online store front is always open – 24/7. How sweet is that!

Your blog is an extension of you. The goal is to elicit your personality and style through words. It sounds easier said than done. It’s like the difference between a best-selling novel versus a dusty archived book. Here are some effective blogging techniques.

A blog also allows you to expound on ideas and encourage feedback through comments. Especially if you are a wedding vendor, comments is a form of social proof that can give brides more assurance in quality.



Twitter is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your blog. It is a form of free exposure. However, as time goes on (and you might have realized this too), Twitter will lose value because of the constant noise. Let’s be honest, who reads every tweet anyway?

Here are a few rules that I bear in mind about Twitter:

  1. It’s not supposed to be a chat room for friends, so if someone doesn’t follow you it’s not because they’re not your friend – don’t take it personally
  2. It’s not to promote yourself [only], so retweet others and share cool finds
  3. It’s to access excerpts of information such as news – linked to elaborated versions (blog posts)
  4. It’s a good way to promote transparency – I like you for you and am interested in what you’re up to


There is a lot more that goes on with Twitter – such as how to track effectiveness of tweets and etc. – but chew on the aforementioned for now. I can elaborate in other posts.


I find Facebook one of the most powerful social networking platforms. I feel that if you’re trying to target brides, then Facebook trumps Twitter many folds.

  • Facebook is a news feed that allows for pictures, videos and notifications. Twitter is just a news feed.
  • Facebook allows for comments and “like” buttons that notify all users on the same stream. Twitter only allows for @replies @mentions.
  • Facebook allows for long notes or ideas. Twitter allows for 140 characters (which arguably is advantageous too to keep things concise).
  • Facebook allows for large photo galleries. Twitter does not.
  • Facebook allows for tagging of people in images and text. Twitter does not.

There is a whole slew of other reasons, but the last one is the one I like the most. Here’s my workflow –

  1. Befriend bride / groom on Facebook
  2. Shoot engagement / wedding (put up same day edit)
  3. Upload entire SDE gallery and tag them
  4. Friends and wedding party will tag themselves
  5. Add them as friends – since they’re all about the same age, they’re automatically potential clients
  6. Create dialogue and become real friends; don’t stay behind an online wall
  7. Shoot more weddings

Like I mentioned above, I don’t read all of the tweets in my feed. However, I never miss a notification on Facebook because it lingers there. Therefore if you tag clients [and their friends offer positive comments (social proof)], it never goes unnoticed.


I might have missed other valuable reasons for social media of which I encourage you to share 🙂 Sharing is caring! How do you all use social media? And does everything I said make sense? Don’t be shy to say that I don’t.

Love you all xoxoxooxooxooxoooox,

Lawrence Chan

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Bob is a master of light (Canon’s Explorer of Light) and Dawn is a phenomenal album designer and business manager. Learn from them as I have (even through casual coffee meets).

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