This is my speculation and can be completely wrong. Most recently, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about Greyson Chance six times in three days (that’s a lot of plugging). She also invited him to her show and had a surprise phone call from Chance’s idol – Lady Gaga.

Interscope Records, home of Lady Gaga, reportedly signed Greyson Chance shortly after that. This kid’s life changed entirely over the course of two weeks. Why so quickly?

For those who don’t know who he is, Greyson Chance played “Paparazzi” at his school performance and the video was uploaded to YouTube. Afterward, Ellen saw it and had him invited as a guest for her show. Lady Gaga called the studio and talked to him for a stint. Chance then performed on Ellen’s show. The following is the 18 million viewed school video.

With Ellen’s new position on American Idol, she is exercising her influence in the music industry. I bet she has a team that just combs the internet for potentials…just sayin’.

Law Of Category

In any industry, there are different “hills” one can claim for marketing. During a marketing seminar, we discussed how Mercedes took the hill for luxury and Volvo claimed the hill for safety.

If we look in the music industry, 16 year old Justin Bieber took the entire niche for young boy music artists. He has virtually no direct competition! How amazing! It’s like saying I’m the only wedding photographer under 30 (I’m 26). Taylor Swift does not count because she is in a different category – female country.

justin bieber
photo credit by Warner Bros

So the ridiculous amount of plugging by media mogul Ellen and support by Lady Gaga and record contract by Interscope Records do not seem so outrageous. They’re creating a star to compete with Justin Bieber because the pie is big enough for more people to share. Just wait and see it unfold. All coincidence? I think not.

Call To Action

I am thinking about doing a huge project to help bring business strategies / tactics awareness to the industry through a series of seminars. Our combined marketing experience have brought success to our own businesses and those we have advised.

We want to help by first teaching people how to survive until the chance for success comes. Please take the next 3 seconds to answer the following poll:

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So there is obviously a saturation of photographers.

  • How do you stand out from the bajillion other photographers / businesses?
  • Which hill do you claim?
  • How will you keep that hill?

I welcome answers below.

Time to tan up,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I’m leaving for Jamaica tomorrow morning at 5am. My bride – Helen – sounds really quirky on email and I cannot wait to meet her in person! Be back in one week.