I remember Taryne’s first email to me. It started with, “From one Chipotle fan to another…” I had a gut feeling it would be a good match.

We first met in Rhode Island. I was working at Grace Ormonde’s office and Taryne and Nishan were kind enough to meet me there. We chatted for about two hours and looked through a number of weddings. Still having my Europe pictures in storage, I decided to share those too.

That’s when I got a bit embarrassed…then we all did.

The Europe folder contained lots and lots of pictures of food…probably half the folder. They were of delicious European appetizers, cuisines, pastas, desserts…oh the desserts, beverages and more. I tried with all my might to stifle a low growl from my stomach, but the sound ripped through the chatter like a hot blade through butter.

Seriously, what do you do in those situations?

Tee hee was my response. Maybe they were trying to console me, so they let their stomachs growl too. Laughter ensued and…the wedding day.

beverly wilshire wedding

Anyway, Taryne and Nishan’s wedding took place at the beautiful Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. They had a traditional church ceremony (First Congregational Church of Los Angeles) followed by a Sri Lankan Buddhist Ceremony.

And the reception was breathtaking! It had black chandeliers, gi-normous black dance floor, wispy drapes, beautiful lights…

beverly wilshire wedding

I later learned from Taryne that Sri Lankan people liked to dance a lot. My first impression was – dang that is a HUGE dance floor. Conversely, Taryne’s first impression was – oh no, I hope it’s big enough. It barely contained everyone per the end of the video.

While everyone was dancing, Julie, Aaron Dieppa and I were in the back frantically editing photos / video and sampling some out-of-the-world-yummy-miniature-donuts-dipped-in-cinnamon. After licking our fingers clean, we put the photos and video onto an iPad for sharing.

beverly wilshire wedding

So delicious…

Special thanks:

Beverly Wilshire
Monica Bewak – Associate Director of Catering

International Event Company
Jonathan Reeves, Ross and Mari

Classic Party Rentals
Kyle Hollars – Director of Lighting

Aaron Dieppa Photography – HUGE THANK YOU because doing video and photos by myself was a little crazy, so glad you were with me 🙂

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine
Thanks Grace – Taryne found me through the Platinum List!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Right behind this sushi bar was a table overlooking the reception; I decided to make it my work area.

While editing, I whispered in Aaron’s ear, “right behind you is heaven.”

“Lawrence, Lawrence. It has been out for a while. And warm sushi isn’t the best,” replied Aaron. “But I think I’ll still eat it if I could.”

“Me too.”


So it comes full circle, let the roars of our stomachs continue.

P.P.S. I did have dinner, but that still looked good.

P.P.P.S. Sorry for the SUPER DELAY in blogging. I have been inundated with projects, but will resume soon. I have very exciting stuff I want to share soon!