Update: I am no longer hosting this workshop.

As many of you might know, I am hosting a marketing strategy workshop. In a recent post, a lot of discussion was created in regards to the state of the industry…Well, we’ve decided to try to do something about it.

Confirmed through the comments and the photographers I am working with, the landscape of this industry is changing. I could be wrong, but I see the most traction in two areas:

  1. newer photographers – because of a lack of experience
  2. veteran photographers – lost clarity through the years

The result is unanimous – a tactical slaughter of each other through slashing of prices, which will lead to an eventual degradation of the industry. All while the middle tier is being risk averse.

This isn’t the case for everyone though. Those who have clarity in their businesses are flourishing!

A simple test is to ask yourself, “Why you?”

My observation is that the universal answer will be “to be unique.” My question for you is, “how?”

  • What if I were to say that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is?
  • What if I were to take on this challenge and try to teach these seemingly esoteric strategies and apply it to photography?
  • Who would be interested?

robert frost

We are planning to host two complimentary seminars on August 4th and August 5th respectively.

  1. 0-3 years – learn how to distinctively set yourself apart and uniquely market yourself
  2. 3+ years – turbo charge your existing business and find clarity again

Want to get one of these free seminar seats? Instructions:

  1. Identify whether you’re interested in the first class or second class
  2. Comment below why you think you are a good candidate


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Remember that marketing is sociology. And as culture and tastes evolve, so does marketing, but the universal laws stay constant (as long as we continue being human).