Someone raised a concern last week about me never giving the answers to my marketing strategies. On the contrary, the answers are always there.


This is what I suspected this person wanted to know – “I want to know how you did it, so that I can replicate it.”

I can tell you all how I run my wedding photography business from start to finish, but that won’t do anyone any good. Why? Simply because you’re not me. And I’m not you.

What’s more valuable is understanding why I do what I do. If you know the strategy behind my decisions, you can repeat it throughout every step. And into other businesses too! And in life! I mentioned earlier that marketing is sociology. And as culture and tastes evolve, so does marketing, but the universal laws stay constant (as long as we continue being human). Know that and you’ll find success.

I promise to give as many examples as possible to provide clarity, but sometimes we all need to pull a little weight on our own to find the answer that fits you.

What I want you to do now…

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See you where the action happens,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Running a business is tough, but commendable. You will most certainly have questions; I still do. And it’s okay if you do not have the answers right now because you will eventually come into realization of it in the future. It’s a beautiful “aha” moment!