How many times…I lost count…where I’ve seen a generic about page like this…

My name is [name]. I picked up my first [camera] at age [number]. I have been shooting [type of craft] photography for [x] years! …

[hit snooze button]

Here are 7 ways to have an awesome about section!

1. Promote Transparency

We always hear the same pitch – sell yourself, not your images – but what the heck does that actually mean?

To be honest, it’s quite a complex issue and I can talk for hours on this alone. Being transparent means that you define yourself – interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. This is the reason why I always have a P.S. after every post and Jasmine Star has her Kisses / Disses.

The more things people know about you, the more they can relate with you.

When I was doing my SEO / Online Tactics tour last year, I met Sheryll Lynne from Salt Lake City and we talked about transparency. She shared with me an interesting story.

After she removed her original about section of “I graduated from (this photography school) and have been shooting for (x) number of years…” and changed it to “I’m a Sagittarius…Cupcakes. I love them…” she saw a difference in her inquiries.

Some future inquiries started with, “Hi Sheryll! I’m a Sagittarius too!! Are you available on xx-xx-xx to shoot my wedding?”

What just happened? Common ground. Bridge. Connection. Call it whatever you want. The more of them, the more likely you’ll be able to connect with your clients and vice versa.

…and I love ketchup.

lawrence chan

2. Avoid Itemization of Self Worth

Okay, so transparency sounds simple enough? Well, not really. There’s transparency and there’s transparency with finesse.

In a previous article – 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Post Your Rates Online (Item #2) – I talked about itemization of services. Well, it goes equal here. Stop it.

Many people still write that “I picked up a camera since a toddler and have been shooting weddings for over 6 years!” Former – great, but who hasn’t? Latter – itemization of self worth.

Let’s say that a regular consumer saw that you’ve been shooting for 6 years and compared you to Jane (your pretend competitor) who has been shooting for 12 years. Mental shortcut – Jane is twice as experienced. As a result, you lose the opportunity to even prove that you’re a worthy choice.

Doesn’t mean the latter is better than the former, so give yourself that fighting chance by avoiding itemization.

3. Transparency Through Photographs

Don’t deny it. Whom of you do not have a photograph of yourself on your about section? Raise your hand. And a picture with you behind a big camera / lens does not count too…seems Cyclops-like.

  1. Get a lovely mug of yourself! There are loads of photographers who would be willing to do it for you too. Comment below saying, “I NEED A PROFILE PICTURE, PLEASE!”
  2. Take photographs of yourself at the wedding.

The latter speaks volumes – of how your work, dress, look, appear, etc. Here’s one of me in Jamaica risking my camera gear in a raging river (Ocho Rios).

So no more pictures of your wedding clients, pets, seniors, etc. This goes equal for Twitter avatars…seriously, did I just tweet to a dog or flower? Just kidding 🙂

4. Position of Difference

I think this one is self-explanatory. Bottom line question is – why should I hire you instead of x, y, z?

5. Contact Information

I know, that’s what the contact button is for. Nevertheless, put your contact information there too INCLUDING where you are based.

“I am based in Miami, but open to shooting worldwide – especially Sri Lanka.” Or something like that.

6. Encourage Inquiry

Assuming you have a polished about page now, and clients love you for you, what’s next? Encourage them to inquire. So at the very bottom of your about page, instruct them to contact you.

This method is a “call to action.”

“So, let’s chat! Coffee, tea, skype, lunch, email or old fashioned phone call. Click HERE!”

7. Being Authentic

Authenticity is a relative topic. Most of the time, the more unpolished someone is, the less threatening you might find him/her. It gives that unpolished person a fighting chance to even demonstrate their assets. So don’t fight imperfection; embrace it.

What I want you to do now…

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  • Comment below your favorite ADULT drink because that promotes transparency, thus common interests.
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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Ya’ll know that I love tofu, but there is one type that I forbid touching my mouth. Stinky tofu. Yeah, it’s called that – no joke.