Business books are sort of useless if you cannot apply it to your own business. They are insanely valuable if you can. Otherwise, they’re just cool theories.

The depth of understanding is relative to your experience. For example, there are times when I read a business book again and find the words making more sense. It’s the same as revisiting a national park 10 years later and loving it for more than its majesty.

One of my recent digestions includes “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz. It has a wealth of examples that make the point of why less is more. It may sound like common sense, but this strategy can be applied to more than just images (I know that’s what most of you are thinking).

I will warn those who decide to read it that Schwartz will use so many examples that you will want to throw the book against the wall! However, I understand his approach – its worth is equal in value. If you ever come to one of my talks, ask me about it and I’ll summarize it for you in one hour.

Startup Strategy

Many artists have shared that they find business stuff boring; I sometimes do too. Since the landscape for the wedding photography business is changing, I wanted to teach business strategies via seminars. I wanted to compress all of these business books coupled with my experience and teach it.

Two experimental workshops were recently held in Orange County.

  1. Day One – 0-3 years in business – expounded on tactics and strategies all while understanding the importance of goals for a business. I led the discussion with my experience as a photographer and strategist.
  2. Day Two – 3+ years in business – started with the understanding of goals and moved down to strategies and tactics. My partner led the discussion with his corporate experience.

Long story short, we have dramatically different teaching styles. I resonated much better with Day One rather than Day Two. I have concluded that the dichotomy might cause confusion in the future, so I am leaving the company and no longer doing the workshop.

Just like what I mentioned earlier, strategies [are useless if you cannot apply it to your own business]. I did not find the materials ready yet, thus my decision. However, my help is still extended for all attendees. I won’t be in the forums because I don’t want to confuse anyone of my position, so email me directly!

What I want you to do now…

  • If you find business books useful, please share it with the Retweet button below or via Facebook.
  • Comment below your favorite business book.
  • What area in business would you like to know more about? Comment and I will [try my best to] deliver.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Do you know what the best business book is? Other people. Go study them. Ask yourself why we act in certain ways. Ask yourself why we react in certain ways.

P.P.S. I like to pet my biore cactus. Don’t deny that you don’t do the same!!