A few days ago, I had a Tofurious fan email me asking how to use social media to get more business – namely Facebook. From my understanding, he was relying on a facebook fan (business) page and not a personal page.

Me: Why a fan page?
Him: Because everyone told me to do it.

I’m in no way a Facebook guru, but here are my thoughts.

Facebook Personal Page Perks

1. Forced Notifications

When someone comments, you will get alerts. This way you can reply and create dialogue with friends, clients, colleagues.

facebook alerts

Fan Page: You do not get notifications. You have to comb through all of your posts to realize updates.

2. Dialogue

Going back to reason #1 – after becoming friends with a new user, you can comment, and they can comment back, and you can reply, and they can reply back. You will get updates whenever this happens.

Creating conversation is probably the most important aspect in creating fans, turning prospects into clients, etc.

Fan Page: Since you won’t get notifications, you can’t carry out conversations in full sync.

3. News Feed

Going back to reason #2 – after becoming friends with new users, you can see what they’re up to. You may

  • comment on their images
  • share stories
  • click the “like” button 🙂
  • create dialogue (#2)

facebook feeds

Fan Page: You do not get news feeds from your fans, thus minimizing dialogue.

4. Album Tagging

After a wedding or event, upload the images and tag the wedding party. Eventually, the guests and friends will tag themselves. Befriend them! Might as well continue the conversations post event.

Plus, they’re all probably about the same age and are likely to be engaged 🙂

facebook albums

Fan Page: I know that you can do the same, but you don’t get notifications, thus…

Facebook Fan Page Perks

There are two things that Fan Pages can do that Personal Pages cannot.

  1. Fan Pages are indexed by search engines. To be honest, I think my blog can do a marginally better job at SEO.
  2. Fan Pages have no fans limit whereas Personal Pages are limited to 5,000 friends.

Speaking of the latter, what is the likelihood of getting over 5,000 wedding clients in the first place? If you’re Lady Gaga or Jessica Claire, I understand why a Fan Page is necessary. But for peeps like me, 5,000 is plenty.

What I want you to do now…

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  • Comment below if you agree or disagree. Remember, I’m no guru, so I’m always learning.
  • Go befriend me! Or follow the fan page. I promise I won’t duplicate posts.

Happy Friday,

Lawrence Chan

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P.P.S. I have this solar-powered bobble head on my desk that does nothing but nod. I like to ask it questions like “am I going to win the lotto today?” or “I look pretty good in this shirt, huh?” He’s my yes man! We all need one of those.

P.P.P.S. So before you do something, ask why. Don’t just do it because everyone else said to. In fact, question what I say too.