My girlfriend (Julie) used to race over to Borders or Barnes & Noble after middle / high school (she’s not in HS anymore just to be clear) to filter through all of the teen magazine racks including the famous Tiger Beat. She would lap up all of the teen gossip and pin the posters up in her bedroom. As pragmatic as Julie was, her logical filters would sometimes willingly turn off and she would do everything to support celebrities. I have a point to this.

justin bieber proactiv

Based on my observation, Proactiv used to target 18+ individuals because they

  • had access to internet because Praoctiv is not available in retail stores
  • had access to a credit card because you can buy Proactiv over the phone via infomercials

Their strategy was to go to where the fish is (to those who have the capability to buy online). I don’t think the teen market was even a consideration at the time based on the celebrities they chose to have endorse the product – Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Alicia Keys.

In an era of Myspace and Facebook, teen pop star Justin Bieber’s internet influence was something to be reckoned with.

On the day it was unveiled, Bieber’s endorsement clip received 125,000 views on YouTube and another 500,000 views on Proactiv’s website… Roughly 60 percent of Proactiv sales are over the Internet. Most of the orders that have come in since Bieber signed on have been from the mothers of tweens. –Pop Eater

Decision Making Unit

What Proactiv did was to use the teen market as the initiator for the purchase of their products, which is timely because that is when most people start breaking out. With strong infatuation for teen idol Justin Bieber, mothers of teens become the buyers. I wrote a similar article about this with Zoloft.

Similarly in weddings, whether parents or other influencers are present, make sure to connect emotionally with your bride. Duh right? It’s not so “duh” when you keep pitching your portfolio images rather than creating conversations.

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P.S. This is why I find Twilight so fascinating. The character Edward Cullen (not Robert per se) appeals not only to teens, he is also very hunky to mothers and grandmothers. I know because I see them reading it in trains and in Trafalgar Tour groups (35+).