Do you know of the feeling after having visited Disneyland as a kid? It was a mixture of excitement, happiness and exhaustion. Well, an equivalent for photographers would be WPPI Sacramento Road Trip.

I had the honor of being invited to speak in Sacramento about the Making and Marketing of Fusion Movies. For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s combining motion clips and photo stills to create a video.

We were very fortunate to have the energetic Bambi Cantrell as our host and the following as our speaker lineup.

Andy Marcus

Andy talked about creating and sustaining one the most successful high-end wedding business in the country coupled with techniques of how people can execute them immediately.

wppi road trip sacramento

Me and Jeff

We had two presentations squeezed into one slot. It was Jeff’s initial fusion presentation that inspired me to attempt fusion movies.

Upon realizing the difficulties of composing a fusion movie, I tried to conceive ways to simplify the process of which I shared my experience in the second part of the presentation.

As clarification, the concept of fusion movies is not to replace still photography; only to supplement it. And since it’s still in its natal stage, the concept of fusion is still very new. So until ubiquity results, embrace it and have a position of difference.

(sorry no picture – just had iPhone with me at the time)

Jonathan Canlas

Jonathan enforced the idea of finding balance in the arts by photographing things that we love in conjunction with our paid work all while keeping focus on what is most important to us. To him, it was his family.

wppi road trip sacramento

Kay Eskridge

Kay shared how to create a variety of portrait programs designed to establish relationships with clients to ensure you become their lifetime photographer.

wppi road trip sacramento

Some Wonderful Sponsors

There was a slew of companies that had delightful products that helped photographers with their businesses. And many had discounts!

wppi road trip sacramento

wppi road trip sacramento

wppi road trip sacramento

wppi road trip sacramento

Exhibitor Dinner

Dinner at El Torito was an opportunity for everyone to unwind and share some laughs!

wppi road trip sacramento

wppi road trip sacramento

Since I was the photographer, I couldn’t get myself in the picture. So I did the next best thing – paste myself LOL!

wppi road trip sacramento

From front to back (left)

  • Candice Cunningham
  • Jerry Weiner
  • Alan Weiner
  • George Varanakis
  • Arlene Evans

From front to back (right)

  • Sean Johnson
  • Bambi Cantrell
  • Sarah Calahan
  • Kay Eskridge
  • Kate Volpe

I found the WPPI Road Trip to be such a wonderful idea. It was an opportunity for new and seasoned photographers to hone their skills throughout the year rather than waiting for the annual convention.

I had a lot of fun! Thank you WPPI and all of the people behind the scenes! See you all at HQ soon.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. One thing that I love about public events is that I get to put real faces on the many online profiles I only get to see via Facebook or Twitter. You’re all so rad!