Over the weekend, I was posed with a question by my young nephew that I found applicable to the success of businesses through group efforts.

We were driving to Downtown LA when this all happened. “Why does that guy stand there asking for money?” asked Jeffrey.

“Well, he might have lost his job and place to stay, so he’s asking for help,” I replied.

Jeffrey shriveled his nose and asked, “why doesn’t he just get another job?”

Good question I thought to myself. “There isn’t an easy way to explain this, but it all starts with a psychological term called ‘learned helplessness.'”

I think I lost his attention span right that moment. The changing of the street light did not help the situation neither.

Learned helplessness is used to explain animal behavior and human psychology. It is a situation where someone believes that they have lost control over the outcome of a situation regardless of outside influence or self efforts. Basically, whatever he or she does, the belief of failure is still imminent.

homeless coder
Image courtesy of harborareafarmersmarkets.org

You are What You Eat

The logic is that if you eat poorly, you will have a poor health. If you eat healthily, you will be healthy.

Formula For Failure – If you surround yourself with negative influencers, you will very likely have a negative perspective. Alas, this will lead to envy, hatred, and other negative thoughts, which are heavy burdens to carry. Failure might not come immediately; it’ll be a gradual and painful experience. This is all due to one’s perspective.

Formula For Success – If you surround yourself with successful people, you will very likely be successful. Rather than being laden with cyclical hatred, be inspired by others.

An easy way is to find groups of other positive like-minded people is to join wedding communities. There are SMUGs (Smug Mug), PUGs (Pictage), and many more! A little bee even told me that WHCC wants to elevate the industry as well with their own community in the future.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

The whole point is to engross yourself with positive believers. Everyone will succeed and grow as a group. Those who explore alone are doomed to repeat other people’s mistakes.

LA PUG – September 21, 2010

My pitch for next week…

To us (humans), having or lacking this commodity is a question of life or death. It is one of the bare essentials to our very existence. In fact, most of our body is made up of this component. Yet, as simple as these two joined elements – probably something we learned in high school to say the least – fashioned a billion dollar industry internationally.

H20 Water

It’s interesting to observe how such a necessary commodity has transformed into variations of luxury. Watch the 1 minute parody below.

In the end, we have bottled water ranging from $0.18 to $18. How is it that these companies are able to have such variations in pricing with a product that virtually tastes the same, looks the same, and smells the same? More importantly, how can we utilize these same business strategies and create a brand that reflects what you believe you’re worth?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive

360 N. Rodeo Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA

I will be speaking there briefly about creating value and pricing strategies. All are welcome. It is complimentary through the graciousness of Pictage. Please reserve below…lest we lock the doors puhahaha!

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Who’s going to the LA PUG next week? As if the information shouldn’t be alluring enough, I will tempt you all with prizes. It will be fun – promise! For those who want to play along, BYO cups if you want to test water and bottles of wine if you want to be spirited (pun intended).

P.P.S. HAPPY HOUR DRINKS will be right before LA PUG, so feel free to come 1 hour early and hang with me at the bar.

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