In August, I attended my first LA PUG! I know, I live under a rock. Anyway, my friend, Kenny Kim, was in town, so I went to go hang out with him and Roberto Valenzuela. It so happened that it was the same night as LA PUG. Roberto, being the PUG leader, graciously invited me to attend.

I had a lot of fun! And learned lots! That same evening, he asked if I would be interested in presenting for September’s meeting. I was honored and flattered. Not ever wanting to present the same keynote twice, I wrote one on the variations of water.

My Most Fun Presentation EVER

la pug at luxe hotel

Don’t you ever find it interesting how there are bottled water ranging from $0.18 to $18.00, especially since they taste the same, look the same and smell the same?

Just to prove my point, I bought the following bottled waters and conducted live taste tests.

la pug at luxe hotel

  • Springfield
  • Trader Joe’s Water
  • Perrier
  • Acqua Panna
  • Fiji
  • Blu Italy
  • San Pellegrino
  • Smart Water

You can imagine the live blind taste tests to be full of laughs and giggles. In short, no one could tell the difference between expensive “quality” water versus inexpensive brands. In fact, all of the guesses were wrong.

la pug at luxe hotel

I then delved into the molecular level differentiators (such as Smart Water with electrolytes) and ph balance positioning with Zero Water. We concluded that positioning is not only difficult to establish, it is difficult to defend.

In the end, I offered some solutions to the predicament followed by some powerful pricing strategies through the understanding of the psychology of consumerism.

Anyway, thank you all 70+ people who came out! Extra love for those who had to stand and those who drove from San Diego / Riverside County!

la pug at luxe hotel


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Roberto just started the LA PUG Facebook Group, so join it if you’re interested in future meetings. I did!

P.P.S. Pictage is hosting PartnerCon soon, so try to go if you can. I heard that there are loads of fun things to do!