I love seafood. While I was doing my holiday shopping, I drove by Joe’s Crab Shack. I’ve never had Joe’s before, but I have seen other franchises during my travels.

Julie and I decided to give it a try. Normally speaking, we would go to Boiling Crab, which is a fairly new chain in California concentrating in Asian enclaves.

boiling crab vs joes crab shack

If we were to remove the ambiance and sporadic dancing at Joe’s, the two restaurants served practically the same foods and almost the same way. Yet, Boiling Crab was able to create a business in an existing market and continue their expansion with great speed.

Fascinating. Let’s examine their pricing and packaging…

A La Carte Foods

Boiling Crab has a super simple one-page menu. You pick the type of seafood, how much of it (in pounds) and in whatever flavor.

To make the third option easier, they even have an “all of the above” flavor called, “The Whole Sha-Bang,” which 9/10 times I would get.

boiling crab menu

Packaged Foods

Conversely speaking, Joe’s Crab Shack has packaged foods like the following “Steampots.”


Despite being “packaged,” they still have a butt load of other options, which makes commitment more difficult especially for people like me. When I say a lot, I mean about 10+pages of options.

Choices, choices…

I had to tell the server, “sorry, another minute please,” about three times. Julie would just roll her eyes.


I Facebook’ed this over the weekend and it rings true here too. Which whets your appetite more?

  1. Duck Confit w/Sundried Cherry & Wilted Arugula on Brioche Toast drizzled with Aioli Sauce and Potato Puree
  2. Duck with Sauce and Mashed Potatoes on Toast

duck confit
(image courtesy of http://www.boiseweekly.com/)

More accurately, which would you pay more for? I don’t know about you, but the former gives me hunger pangs. Present it well and it will be received well.


Whichever route you go in your photography business, remember that simplicity and presentation are key.

Just like what I said in my recent ebook, Creative Packaging and Pricing for Photographers, “there is no silver bullet,” so massage it until it fits you.

Again, there are certain techniques that are far more effective than others.

If you are…

  1. If you are like me and cannot-decide-on-entrees-quickly-and-rather-delay-your-own-dining-experience-to-commit-satisfactorily-which-is-why-we-are-proponents-of-simple-choices-or-buffets…not that I would eat everything; I just want the option to, then share with your friends via Retweet or Facebook buttons below.
  2. What would you order from The Boiling Crab? Let’s see how long it takes you. Comment below.

On a food quest,

Captain Lawrence Chan
aRrrRrRrr you ready?

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