Charles Darwin proposed a scientific theory called, “Natural Selection,” whereas only the strong survive through evolution.

Okay, I doubt that we have to worry about adaptive evolution by phenotypes. However, we do need to worry about business evolution. In a nutshell, the weak die off.

There are a number of avenues that a business needs to consider to survive or evolve.

  • use of technology
  • adaptation of trends (not fads)
  • etc.

One aspect that is commonly disregarded is buffer.

When Times Are Good

Client after client. Contract after contract. Our bank accounts just get fatter. Life’s good.

We anticipate a continuance of success. “Sure. I’ll buy one of those. It’s only half a gig.”

rodeo drive

We drink. And drink. And drink until we are drunk with success and become complacent. A simple twist in the economy can lead to our business demise.

When Times Are Bad

The only solution to fluctuations is financial buffer. This way, even during droughts, you’ll be able to survive. Only the ones who can live on, win. It’s that simple.

If you’re not prepared for change, you will try to continue your business any way you can – skimp, save, trim.

“If we think of ourselves as [anything less than] Tiffany’s, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble.”
Donavan Freberg
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For those who can still dine out, advertise and create brand associations are able to sign the premium business deals. Additionally, being selective of whom to work with lends you a natural barrier to entry, thus increasing value.

Conversely, you might take any deal that presents itself…and maybe even throw in a discount to try to seal the transaction.

Therefore, the cliche rings true – “The rich get richer. The poor get poorer.” However, it’s really about being smart… and strong… allowing for survival, thus success.

All in all, if you can survive stagnancy, imagine how powerful you’ll be during an active and vibrant economy!

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Be the silent force,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Be smart where to save. Invest in the next wave (trend).

Okay, I’m lame. I intentionally made that rhyme.