What can I say? I’ve been burned. Burned so many times it’s amazing I’m still sane.

Do you see this face? This is the face of someone who has lost over $120k cold cash over his business career – $50k of which was lost to his family because of the absence of a contract. In the end, failure isn’t fatal, but it stings like a b*tch.

lawrence sad

Keep in mind that even with a contract, it does not always protect you completely. In our wedding (and portrait) photography industry, the arts is only half of the concern. The business part is equally important.

A few members of my private forum asked that I share the contract that I use. However, use it at your own risk, etc. etc. I am not a lawyer.

What It Covers

  1. Use of images
  2. Grant of rights
  3. Fees / down payment
  4. Expenses
  5. Payments
  6. Liability
  7. Authorship credit
  8. Copyright notice
  9. Ownership of physical images and storage
  10. Warranty and indemnity
  11. Arbitration
  12. Assignment
  13. Term and termination
  14. Permissions to photograph
  15. Final photo product
  16. Post-production costs
  17. Event food service – include a slice of cake if you want
  18. Model release
  19. Photographer substitution
  20. Exclusive photographer
  21. Wedding coordinator / planner

Get a Copy of the Contract

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This also includes the Second Shooter Release Form!

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Many of you might have a contract already or drafted your own, but it’s always fun to see how others do it. Share via Retweet or Facebook buttons below, so that your friends can be part of the fun!

Graciously yours,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Love and Lemonade (Nina) just shared a lovely note in the forum:

Since implementing Lawrence’s Pricing Strategies, I have closed 100% of my wedding inquiries so far. And last week I booked a wedding a day. Before, I would be lucky if I closed 50% of my inquiries.

I’ve only been receiving serious inquiries due to my new strategies [and I now know who to not] waste my time with. And thanks to Lawrence, clients are now booking my larger collections and I haven’t had to haggle prices, either. So thank you very much for being so generous with your experience and knowledge – thanks to you my 2011 is looking spectacular! β™₯

P.P.S. Last week I posted “Work to Live, Live to Work…AND Courage” and wanted to share. Sometimes, I feel like life is work, save, invest, work, save, invest, die. Let’s change that.