There are certain reasons why I love a personal Facebook Page. However, in some situations, a “like” page comes in pretty handy.

  • If you think about it, the whole point of social media is for people to connect with other people, thus the prefix – “social”
  • As people, we like to build relationships
  • Relationships stem from having common interests
  • A wonderful place for people to discuss common interests is on a Facebook “like” Page
  • Eventually, through discussion of common interests, a new tribe is created

However, before all of this, we need to get others to subscribe in order to have a discussion. An enticing way to encourage subscription is to simply solve someone’s problem and give it away for free!

For those who watched Super Bowl XLV (2011), you might have noticed that many of the commercials no longer referred to their host sites; rather to their Facebook Pages.

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Strategy: How to Reveal a Goodie After Clicking “Like”

A simple way many big corporations use their “reveal” page is to offer coupons after subscription. This included Oreo, Taco Bell, etc.

One of my fundamental strategies in business is to solve problems others overlook. In this case, I’m offering two things on my Facebook “Like” Page.

  1. Tutorial on how to create a “reveal” page after someone clicks “like” –
    After someone clicks “like,” a new (hidden) page appears with a link for the freebie (such as a coupon)
  2. A FREE bonus chapter on my updated Psychology of Pricing and Packaging e-book

Inc. 500 Survey

Some interesting statistics of some social media savvy companies based on Inc. 500 Survey taken through interviews in Oct/Nov 2010.

  1. 71% of the fast-growing companies on the Inc. 500 list said they have Facebook pages (up 10% from last year)
  2. 59% use Twitter (up from 52% in 2009)
  3. 50% maintain a corporate blog (up from 45% in 2009)
  4. 33% use bulletin boards (up from 28% in 2009)
  5. 34% of the Inc. 500 said they have policies guiding employee blogging
  6. 56% reported social media was โ€œvery importantโ€ to their business/marketing strategy (up from 43% in 2009)
  7. 57% report using search engines and social networking sites to recruit and evaluate potential employees

There is a bigger and bigger trend on using Facebook as their default site because

  1. Many people are already on it
  2. It’s an easy platform to use for discussion with push notifications

Super Bowl XLV (2011) Commercial Endings

What to do next…

The possibilities are endless. However, one common trait they all have is some form of enticement for your subscription. How they do that is in my tutorial. If you’re already a subscriber, feel free to “unlike” and then “like” again to see the difference.

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  2. Comment some cool ideas on what you can “reveal” after subscription


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I’m all booked for SXSW as of yesterday! Who’s going?

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P.P.P.S. A lovely note from Svetlana Yanova who read the e-book –

It works!!! I booked 2 weddings (yesterday and today) where both couples chose my preferred package (with my new pricing!!)…woohoo! now I can actually afford to pay my second-shooter! Thanks Lawrence!

By the way, I did an update on it with 4 new chapters/sub-chapters!