Just slightly over a year ago, I shared with the public just how many wedding inquiries I was getting a day (roughly 2 per day). The recipe for that conversion was a combination of many things. I discussed a slew of strategies, but the main one that I’m SUPER PROUD to see practically everyone applying is…


…dare I say that I have an idea that proposes even quicker conversion? *gasps* Keep reading…

What is Call To Action?

Like most default blogs themes (except mine), each post is ended with an area for the reader to comment thoughts. However, thinking from a client’s view (let’s say a bride), it is unlikely that he/she will join the discussion.

So, what options are there for the reader?

  • Comment (unlikely)
  • Scroll all the way back to top to navigate (unlikely), which is why my blog theme has a “back to top button” and scrolling menu
  • LEAVE the website (most likely)

Therefore, a Call To Action is placed at the bottom to instruct the reader on what to do next. In this case, I suggested at least two actions:

  1. View Portfolio
  2. Contact You

Dot dot dot, abracadabra…conversion (aka inquiries).

Strategy: the more one has to click (or the harder it is to find) to fulfill a need, one is more and more likely to lose interest and leave the website.

Photographers with Call To Action

Over the past two years, I’ve had the humble honor of authoring this blog and sharing my ideas via workshops / consultations. Here are a number of users using this strategy. Do you recognize the websites?

User 1

call to action

User 2

call to action

User 3

call to action

User 4

call to action

…User 12,000

call to action

Simpler, Faster, More Awesome

Let’s reexamine. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to contact all while removing barriers (like requiring 3 clicks in order to arrive at desired page).

I will be overhauling my own websites eventually with this strategy. Put the Call To Action on the bottom of the page literally. This avoids any need to click, then contact (or subscribe). Here is an example I drafted in Photoshop.

call to action

You like? Pretty.

What to do next…

Yes, this is a call to action. If you enjoyed this post, please…

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Yours truly,

Lawrence Chan

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P.P.S. If you need help with Call To Action customizations on your blog, I have independent contractors you can contact directly here.

P.P.P.S. Some kind words…

I had my first consult with my new prices last Friday. Today I got the signed contract and 50% retainer in the mail!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!
Chrissy Deming

your book helped me SO MUCH! i just booked two clients at $3800 and i couldn’t get above $2000 before!

Shannon Leith