Las Vegas has a sinful allure that draws to mind concupiscent women, overflowing drinks, accessible narcotics and high levels of adrenaline with every shoot of craps. It is the oddest phenomenon, but I tend to have no reluctance to creolize my structured identity and live a life of vice…at least for the few days in town.

I revel in the fact that WPPI is always hosted in Las Vegas. Not only is it a skip away from Los Angeles, Sin City always has the most wonderful activities. All of the best market research is devoted along a mile long(ish) strip. So, if you want my advice for WPPI, here it is – bring money and enjoy. Sure, have Wichcraft or Subway on most days, but don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn how the luxury industry works.



I will be arriving in the late evening and probably on the hunt for some deliciousness.

I will check in with WPPI and maybe do some indoor sky diving. Yes, I realize that the two activities do not relate to each other. Later that night, I’m going to watch “The Lion King” musical! I’m SOOO excited! Simba and Nala…

simba nala

At 2PM-4PM I will have my Master Class. It’s going to be wicked. George is probably going to have a Tweet-Up from 2PM-5PM at the Launch Pad, so I will try to catch the last bit of it.

Later that evening, Becker and WHCC are hospitably hosting The [b] School Party of which I am certain to attend!

I will be lollygagging, eating, drinking and hosting consultations.

I will be lollygagging, eating, drinking and hosting consultations.

At 1:30PM, George graciously invited me to speak at Kodak’s Booth on Social Media. I confess that the potential line-up is pretty humbling. I think I’m the smallest pea in the pod. In any event, I have prepared some notes on powerful strategies that you could walk away with, SO GO…and clap…and cheer!

If I wake up early enough, I will probably attend Photographer’s Ignite. Later in the day, I’ll have a sandwich or something and fly home.

*All open spots will be filled with an Iced Americano coffee and a reading interlude.

What’s your schedule?

I hope to meet you all. We have had discussions via comment, twitter, facebook, so I’d really love to put faces on those avatars. If you see me, please say hello!

And if I see a recognizable face, don’t be alarmed if I SCREAM YOUR NAME across the room.

If you’re attending this year, comment

  • what year it is for you
  • one thing that you want to see (doesn’t have to be photo related)
  • one person you want to meet

Free hugs,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Don’t forget to use to reserve seats for classes!

P.P.S. Please don’t overdo it. Get rest lest you will get sick.

P.P.P.S. I’m all booked for SXSWi. See you all there!