I almost can’t believe that one month has passed since SXSW Interactive. For those who don’t know what that is, SXSW is an annual convention in Austin, TX that debuts new technologies, music and film interests.

I attended the Interactive (technology) section. This is where the newest ideas and technologies are shared. It was quite a fascinating experience!

On the trade show days, I perused the convention with curiosity. (This was my first time). Not that I was even trying, people gave me goodies, t-shirts, samples, and mounds of other stuff I probably won’t use.

Anyway, about 30 minutes in, I saw a red booth with a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout sporting a min.us t-shirt. It sure made me do a double take.


They had a pretty catchy tag line, “photo sharing so easy, our moms could do it.”

Well, later learning that the founders of this startup were students from MIT, Harvard or some other prestigious U’s, I’d really hope that their “moms could do it.” A little skeptical at first, I asked them to demonstrate.

Too Easy

And golly gosh, it was easy. A little bit too easy. You don’t even need to register, which is rare nowadays. No special Sliverlight or Flash plugins required; all HTML5. You could drag a photo right onto the website and it’ll start uploading.


Multi-File Gallery

Then they demonstrated uploading a full gallery of images…same easy peasy approach. Full HTML5 upload statuses. Dang!

AND, you could send a .zip file of all of the photos afterward.


They also provide private URLs that you could share. If you want to customize your URL, you need only register for free.

Photo Gallery Slider

After all of the images are uploaded, it automatically creates a beautiful gallery that you can view and share (even individual image URLs). This is such an easy and quick way to share photos – even album design drafts, etc. Sure beats FTP…


Registered Users

If you register, you can have metrics to see number of views and all that jazz.


Additionally, it’s a micro social network where you may follow friends and family members for updates. John Xie could be the first person you follow – he’s one of the cofounders of min.us.



Aside from photos, you could also share songs and videos! The only limitation is 50MB per file. The goal is to prevent the site being used to pirate movies.

On the bright side, how often are our photographs over 50MB each? Unlikely. The other limitation is the gallery limit is 50 photos. I think the reason for this is for the .zip archiving limit.

Anyway, check out min.us@mindotus! And watch their intro video on the front page.

Hope you all enjoy this gem,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I tested it on someone’s mom…worked like a charm.

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